Valley of Chaya – Tracey Hoffmann

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This first book in the Valley of Chaya series sets a new benchmark in Christian fiction excellence. The book is best described as an action adventure, suspense, love story. It is set in the world of human trafficking but has been written with sensitivity and care to ensure a quality read.

Valley of ChayaAshok and Shanti lead a very simple life and they love each other more than anything else. They’re a couple of street kids living in Mumbai with high expectations of a better life tomorrow. Their lives are changed in an instant when Shanti is abducted by strangers.

At the same time Australian teenager Charlotte Turner is preparing to embark on a long awaited trip to India. Despite a major planning setback and family difficulties Charlotte leaves for India, but with very mixed emotions.

You will fall in love with these characters and live their journey as though you were there, the story is breath taking and heart breaking but definitely a book to have in your collection – you will enjoy and remember it for ever.

Amazon 100 au buy it now 1   Valley of Chaya on Amazon Canada   Valley of Chaya on Amazon India   Valley of Chaya on Amazon UK   Valley of Chaya on Amazon USA

Amazon Reviews

I honestly could not put this book down, I was still reading until 3am so be warned! Inspirational, challenging, and such a great book. It addresses real life issues in such an honest and confronting way and the relationships that develop within it will reach right into your heart. Absolutely loved it and highly recommend it.”     –     Mrs Julie Scott 


This is one of the most honest books I have ever read. Beautifully scripted with the ability to take the reader on a journey of every emotion, could not put it down      –     Ann


In the ghettos of India two children struggle to survive. In Austrailia, a young woman longs to take a mission trip to India but must convince her parents she can do it alone when a friend has to cancel. A chance meeting with the children and the young woman will find them learning to trust Jesus for their lives. Written with conviction and cruel honesty, this book will change your life forever. It will make you sad,cause tears to come to your eyes and will even make you mad. Best Christian fiction book I have ever read!      –      lorinpaws


Incredible book with a captivating story that sheds light on sex trafficking. A precious story of Gods love and strength. I couldn’t put it down. This is a must read!      –      Brittany P


I really enjoyed this book. Which considering it’s content is saying something. I loved the careful way this topic was handled without being offensive or gratuitous. Very well done. A little gem of a story full of hope and love.      –      Andy Wichers


This book challenges, touches, and enlightens the soul. Opens our eyes to the world beyond our front door! Life isn’t about ourselves, and this book is a perfect example of loving and being like Jesus!     –     Allyson


A well deserved 5 star rating

Valley of Chaya has already won the hearts and rave reviews of readers and is well set to become an all time favourite.

Read the book then enjoy the journey as the series unfolds

Available in Ebook or Paperback 

Amazon 100 au buy it now 1   Valley of Chaya on Amazon Canada   Valley of Chaya on Amazon India   Valley of Chaya on Amazon UK   Valley of Chaya on Amazon USA


  1. Debra Martin

    Thank you so much for taking so many of us into a world that many have no idea exsist. I personally have never read a book tbat touched me as this book has. The characters in your book took on a life of their own. I personally felt their pain an wondered where is God when these awful things happen to innocent people. I realized how important it is to forgive. Charlie truly exemplified what Jesus Christ did for this world ……God bless you and may He grace you to write many more books that changes the heart and lives of your readers….D.Martin

  2. Mat

    Debra I couldn’t agree more, Tracey Hoffmann has certainly crafted an amazing work in this novel. Thanks so much for the feedback. If you want to help Tracey, I’m sure she’d appreciate if you posted your comments into a book review on Amazon. Go well.

    Cheers for now

  3. Lette

    I had no idea a book could be so inspiring, spiritual and moving. Makes the pettiness in our lives so insignificant. You read and hear about the women in India and other countries being forced into brothels, but never in my life had I explored the existence of them. My life has been forever changed and my eyes are now opened. May God continue his watch over the womens’ souls.

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